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‘close call’
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You sign the contract. You come to closing.
We do everything in between.

Avencore Collaborations

Close with confidence.

You love the rush of adrenaline that comes with every property contract you sign. You chase the deal, you seal it, and you’re ready for your next one. Then you land with a thud.

Because a contract is not enough.
You need to close. And that’s where you struggle.

You are not a technical person and taking the contract to closing gives you nightmares. The endless tasks. The myriad of details.

It’s not for you.

Can you have your contract and close it, too?

Yes. Avencore is here.
Sign your contract. See you at closing.

At the Core of Avencore


Details matter. One mistake
can cost thousands and one
discrepancy can spell disaster.
Which is why Avencore is
legendary for their attention
to detail, supreme industry
knowledge and efficient task


In the world of Real Estate, time is always of the essence. And bumps always emerge. But we don’t get stuck, we solve. Avencore is here to make sure the process is constantly moving, so you don’t lose time, or money.


No two deals are ever alike. And no two closings ever call for identical routines. But Avencore will never say ‘it’s not in the scope’. If it needs to get done for closing, we’re on it. Nothing will ever stand in our way when it comes to taking the contract to the finish line.

“It’s their problem, not my problem!”

If you’ve dealt in multi family realty, you know there are many moving pieces. Paperwork and handling… It’s a big deal. And a big hassle. I came to Avencore on a glowing recommendation, because I heard they take care of it all. And they do! From contract to post closing, everything becomes their problem and not my problem. I focus on executing the property while they focus on the backend, and I couldn’t be happier. No more dealing with documentation, or handling conversations with investor, lender, and seller! Avencore is a no-brainer for any serious realtor.


Gem Capital Partners
Multi-family real estate

Details are Daunting.

For you.
For us, it’s all in a day’s work.



1031 exchange

sales broker



rate cap



It’s all about

closing the circle.

Avencore’s Mission:
Avencore was founded to take property buyers from contract to closing with confidence and peace of mind.

How do we keep that promise?

By keeping all the information organized to a fault.

By effectively communicating with all relevant parties

By avoiding any last minute emergencies

By keeping all the moving parts running in tandem

By serving as liaison between the buyer and the vendors

By staying on after closing to wrap things up efficiently

"Avencore makes us feel like every deal is their own."

It’s more than just a partnership, it’s personal. They take care of every single detail down to the nitty gritties and get us to the finish line on time, every time. The quality of their work is a lot better than when we did it on our own! We are now able to invest our time in other endeavors because so much was taken off our shoulders. Thinking back, I have no idea how we did it without them.


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Flat Fee

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Let’s close the deal.